4. Tess’s Prologue

WITH ALL THE activity around her, Tess was having a hard time concentrating on what she was trying to write. Plus the screen kept getting smudged. She extracted a wet wipe from the depths of her handbag, after a haptic search of the bottom, and rubbed it vigorously. She opened Instagram by accident. Sighing, she

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3. Addi’s Prologue

HARLEY EDISON WAS born, quite by accident, in Kansas City, Missouri. His parents had driven there for the 1972 convention of National Insurance Brokers. William Henry Edison had worked as an underwriter for Illinois Mutual Life since getting back from overseas. The convention was his focal point of year, outstripping Christmas by miles. Carol was eight-months

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General Prologue

How do you start a thing like this? Sitting alone in the semidarkness, his fingers – motionless before him – were obliquely illuminated in the glow of the monitor. He had set aside this time to start writing the novel. All the words were there, inside him, but they were stuck. The great conflicts and

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