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Now more than ever, branding has become an incredibly important aspect of business and marketing. And it is so much more than a logo…

A product without a name or a story or a personality will stay on the shelves, while a brand can reach our emotions, our hearts, and motivate us to buy. This book takes the no-nonsense view of what brands are, what they mean to us, and why we need them so much.

The brand, according to Chris Farmer, is a living thing. It is an entity endowed with all of the attributes of a human being. It has a personality, character, attitudes, and feelings. And we give our brands all this and more.

LIVING BRANDS will change your mind about brands and teach you how to manage and create them.

Now you can download the ebook! 

Important Note: The ebook link is not available in all countries. If you are ordering from China or another such country, please send me an email with your name and email address and I will send you further instructions. Thanks! 

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